Alice J. Black – Author

About the author:

Alice lives and works in the North East of England with her partner and slightly ferocious cats! She writes all manner of fiction with a tendency to lean towards the dark side. Most of her work is rooted in darkness, her inspiration coming from a macabre selection of reads as well as the dreams that frequent her sleep.

Soul Seekers Complete Series:

The dead speak to Peyton. She’s an alcoholic living day by day, drink to drink, and for her, it’s a normal existence… Until a night spent at a friend’s wedding shows her that there could be a better way, but it would require her to put down the bottle and accept herself. Without alcohol the voices are back, and they’re louder and more demanding than ever. Enlisting the help of local psychic, Sylvia, Peyton discovers that her weird ability… is actually a gift. With the support of her best friend, Olivia, Peyton finally takes the leap, and not only survives the withdrawals but comes to realize what she has been missing for all of these years—her true self. Peyton admits acceptance, opens her own ghost-hunting business, and faces down her own demons and the spirits that have haunted her for her entire life.